The Judas Apocalypse

The Judas Apocalypse

It's the eve of the Second World War and Dr. Gerhard Denninger, an archaeologist working in Germany's Heritage Bureau is approached by famed Grail hunter Otto Rahn. Rahn weaves a fantastic story of the Knights Templar, church scandal and assures Denninger that he holds the key to the location of the famous lost treasure of the Cathars. With his appetite whetted and a mysterious Templar scroll in hand, Denninger begins a quest that ultimately leads him into the middle of a war zone. When he is captured by a rag tag group of American soldiers and his goal in sight, he grudgingly lets them in on the hunt. With dangers dogging them at every step, will they find what they're seeking? And will they be prepared for the shocking discovery that awaits them? - (print) - (print) - (print)

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Canadian author's debut novel is a fascinating, compelling, interesting page turner Dan McNeil's vivid description, compelling and lyrical prose will submerge you into a fascinating read with this page turning, fictional, and historical suspense. Emotional, charging and an excellent novel, which I highly recommend.

Riveting Story Excellent book – very interesting and adventurous storyline. One of the best books I've read in a long time. Highly recommend it.

Terrific Reading I was blown away by this book; it twists and turns, leading you on an amazing journey. Really enjoyed the historical and biblical references, but it's mixed with non-stop action!